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LGT036 - Managing Day-to-Day Priorities (LGT036)

Helping keep everyone (including yourself) on task.
The reality of the current economy is that everyone is being asked to do more-and-more with less-and-less. Your responsibilities keep increasing while the resources to meet them – staff and funding – stay the same, if you are lucky. Under these conditions, your ability to keep your staff focused on what is important could be the difference between being successful in meeting your mission and struggling. Throw in the ever increasing reporting and regulations that grant funders are now requiring and the importance increases that much more.

Note: This training CANNOT count towards the Foundational Academy Supplemental Training requirements. All courses on this website categorized as "Victim Services Trainings" (not "Leadership and Governance Trainings") in the course catalog can be used to fulfill these requirements. Read more about the Foundational Academy Supplemental Online Training requirements here.

Posted Date: 03/18/2014 Training hours: n/a

  • LGT036 - Introduction
  • LGT036 - Course Module
  • LGT036 - Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever