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LGT031 - Effective Communication (LGT031)

Very few skills have as great an impact on determining a leader/manager’s success as how well they communicate their vision and plans. Being a great communicator isn’t about being the world’s greatest speaker or writer; being a great communicator is about delivering your message in the words and manner that are best matched to your audience, whether they are employees, clients, volunteers, board members or donors. The Effective Communication workshop will teach you how to look at all of your messages to make sure they are having the maximum impact.

Note: This training CANNOT count towards the Foundational Academy Supplemental Training requirements. All courses on this website categorized as "Victim Services Trainings" (not "Leadership and Governance Trainings") in the course catalog can be used to fulfill these requirements. Read more about the Foundational Academy Supplemental Online Training requirements here.

Posted Date: 05/03/2013 Training hours: n/a

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